• End of year gradings

    End of year gradings

    What a fantastic 3 days of Gradings. Juniors and Seniors delivered their personal best on the day, an extraordinary display of standard, commitment and courage.

    However, the one thing that trumped all that was the support, the coming together that parents, friends and the dojo family showed to everyone who participated. Yesterday a new standard and bench mark was set with the successful promotion to 1st Degree Blackbelt of Benjamin Black and Daniel Allouche, an extraordinary display of courage, respect for themselves and their martial art. With the support of doctor John Pyne on hand to attend to them, and throw them back into the arena of war which was their blackbelt examinations, their do or die attitudes was something to see to be believed. Both told me at the lunch that they were prepared to collapse into unconsciousness rather than give up. The applause they received when entering the lunch venue showed the respect they deserved. Thanks to all the blackbelts who attended and special thanks to Sensei’s Anthony, Luke and Craig Parker for there professionalism and experience in contributing to this special grading event.

    Osu James Sheedy

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