“The studio (dojo) is a place of sanctuary where one comes to be free of distractions, give pure attention to the present moment and consume themselves in their training”.

It is an environment where students and Blackbelts can connect with and immerse themselves in hard training and discipline, developing the values and the traditions needed to improve their skills.


The main dojo training area is where most of our training takes place, there is also a separate mat area for grappling, take-down skills and floor work.

The dojo also offers an equipment area including weights, stretch rails, wooden dummy and other training equipment for martial arts training. The ‘green room’ is a lounge area where students can relax and catch up or even watch training DVD’s or simply rest.

A small ‘pro-shop’ supplies uniforms and personal training equipment.

All students, regardless of rank can use the studio at anytime outside of official training times for their own personal training, 7 days per week.

We respect and take pride in our dojo, treating it as you would any place of reverence.

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James Sheedy

Unit 1
1-13 Atkinson Street
Taren Point NSW 2229