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Welcome to the Personal Defence Studio – Taren Point. We specialise in hard, committed training in pursuit of perfection of the Coveted Blackbelt and Senior Blackbelt ranks. Based on the traditional art of Tae-Kwon-Do we have a strong emphasis on kicking skills combined with boxing, grappling and take-down skills to make this a very strong, effective and formidable martial art system.

The benefits of training in the martial arts are many from improved focus and discipline to building confidence as your fitness and a very capable ability to defend yourself improves. Most students who train with us make a lifestyle choice which becomes a long term commitment. The reason why students continue to train can be very different from the reasons that got them started.
We train hard with a disciplined and committed attitude. You are offered encouragement and constantly receive instruction from all Senior Blackbelts. Our philosophy is simple – train hard and be the best you can be. Seek to improve every area of your self doubt and become the warrior in spirit you truly are, the person you want to be.

If this is for you and you are looking for something different, please contact us. You will be made very welcome – remember, all current students started with a ‘phone call or email which led to their first lesson and a life changing experience, second to none.

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16 hours ago

James Sheedy Personal Defence Studio

Sensei Caspian Smith, "Happy Birthday" mate. Cas started training with us when he was 7 years old, he has just turned 46 and is one of our senior blackbelts in our dojo. Cas moved to Europe 18 mths ago for his work commitments (hopefully home soon. Some of the blackbelts and I spoke to Cas this morning via phone to wish him a happy birthday. He informed me that 3 out of the last 4 days he's been training with his forms, and always staying connected to his martial arts training. This video is of Cas presenting one of the 3rd degree blackbelt forms.

James Sheedy Personal Defence Studio
Going through my files, I found this clip from 2 years ago when we moved to our new dojo. Caspian Smith practicing one of his 3rd Dan forms on a quiet Saturday morning.
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23 hours ago

James Sheedy Personal Defence Studio

When you see yourself on sale at the airport! #frontcover #bennythejet #blitzmagazine #martialarts #dowhatyoulove #cronullabeach #theshire #tarenpoint #15minutesoffame #selfdefence #fighter #fightlikeagirl #blackbelt #solucky #longtimefriends #stillfiring @ Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 3 ... See MoreSee Less

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A massive attendance tonight saw most students train for 2 solid hours starting at 5pm with some staying and training for 3hrs to the finish at 8pm. Plenty of sweat, some fantastic sparring sequences, with pad and bag work. A great display of standard, but most of all, all who attended brought the right stuff to make the night what it was, a tough martial arts training session. The mats were full all night. ... See MoreSee Less

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